IVF Cycle #1 continued

Day 13: Bloods, Ultrasound w. Dr. G. Results: Right ovary w. 1 good follicle 18.6mm, Left ovary w. 4 follicles still > 10mm. Retrieval in 2-3 days. Monitoring going well. Continue Gonal f 300 IU, Menopur 150 IU, Cetrotide x 1 cartridge. Injections to RLQ abdomen.

Day 14: Bloods, Ultrasound w. Dr. K. Results: Inject 10,000 units of HcG in my Right buttock! I stop all other meds.

Day 15: Pre-op visit at the center to sign IVF retrieval consents, do blood work and ultrasound before retrieval the next day. I go home and call the Admitting office at the hospital to confirm insurance info and realize the hospital fee is not covered. I cough up $1000.

Day 16: IVF Retrieval day finally here! I haven’t eaten since midnight last night; I arrive at my given time with hubby. Check-in, change and undress into hospital garb. Hubby goes to deliver his fresh sperm sample. My vital signs were taken first, then IV placement and waiting for about 1 hour. I am asked to empty my bladder before walking into the OR suite. I meet the IVF team and the doctors. Before I could even think about what was about to happen, the Anesthesiologist introduces herself and the ceiling starts to get blurry. I wake up in the Recovery room and my nurse is having me swallow some Extra Strength Tylenol, 975 mg to be exact for pain. I regain some more clarity and see my husband there next to my bed. I am given my discharge instructions, have some crackers, juice, get dressed and go. Today, I start a 4 day course of Medrol 16mg and Azithromycin (2 pills). Tomorrow, we are to receive a phone call with our retrieval results!

Day 17: From the retrieval, 8 follicles were removed, 1 immature, 1 did not fertilize and 6 FERTILIZED without ICSI! Woo hoo! What a sigh of relief. There ARE good quality eggs left within me after all! Needless to say, hubby and I were very happy with our news. Progesterone shots start tonight x 2 weeks. Transfer day is 3 days after retrieval. I hope they make it! I hope they make it! I hope they make it!

My IVF Cycle #1 Meds

Here’s a list of the medications I will have to inject and take orally in my IVF cycle. My first feeling was “Yikes!!!” but after carefully reviewing all the contents, I started to calm down. It can be quite overwhelming at first glance. Always cross-check what you receive with what you were told to expect by your center provider, not to mention the dosages and number of syringes and needles. Needles should be proper guage and length for your body size. For example, I have a smaller stature so I don’t have much body fat. I requested a 22G 1 inch needle instead of the 1.5” for the intramuscular injections. This made it easier for my husband to inject with who is not an experienced injector. You can speak to your center nurse if this is an option for you.

· Climara patch – 4 patches

· Menopur – 25 vials, 75 IU each

· Cetrotide 0.25mg – 6 kits

· Gonal-f 900 IU – 6 pens

· Chorionic gonadotropin 10,000 USP units – vial

· Methylprednisolone 16mg – 4 tabs

· Azithromycin 250mg – 6 tabs

· Progesterone oil 50mg/ml – 2 vials