Complication after IVF Retrieval – part 2

Monday 7am- 11:30pm

(20 hours later post IVF retrieval) By 7am, I was in so much pain, it hurt with each breath in and out. Apparently, bleeding into the belly is very irritating and causes your body to produce prostaglandins which are responsible for pain. At 7am, the Attending physician came by to see me. He was not happy with what he saw. I was in terrible pain. I had only had 1 bag of saline. I was feeling thirsty and not looking well at all. He spoke to us briefly and explained my RE will try to stop by after her office hours at a satellite office. After he left, there was a shift change and things got better from there; at least on some levels. The next 16 hours were filled with more blood draws, a second IV, and even a Foley catheter! Many residents from the GYN service also came to see me, so many that I lost count. My torso pain started to subside by 12 noon, I was waiting in the ER for a bed. By 11pm, a bed became available and I was transported to my own private room. My RE was really great and supportive. She made phone calls to try and get me a room sooner.


Monday 11:30pm – Tuesday 11:30am

I could not sleep after being admitted to the floor. I admit, the quiet was very welcomed after spending 24 hours in the noisy ER. My abdomen had gotten quite distended and was making it uncomfortable that I could only lie on my back. I managed some shut eye only to be awoken by one of the doctors around 5:30am. Sleep is not something you get a lot of while staying in the hospital. Another blood draw shows by 11am, I had lost even more blood. At this point, I am in danger of having a heart attack. My RE recommended a blood transfusion. Immediately terrified, I started to tear up and cry. I was so scared. None of us wanted a transfusion but none of us wanted me to have a heart attack either. My RE and the other doctors felt confident the bleeding had stopped and luckily I did not require surgical intervention. How crazy is this???!!! So I conceded to the transfusion because I could feel my head start hurting and I actually started to not feel well overall. I knew what needed to be done. The rest of the day was spent in bed with 2 units of blood slowly infusing. I tried to look at the bright side saying to hubby that at least these types of life saving measures are available. One bright moment in this long journey was 1 of the 2 eggs retrieved matured in the lab and fertilized. Our little miracle embryo. The next day would tell if I would be strong enough to undergo transfer. So of course, I was on a mission to get stronger in case the embryo continued to divide and was viable for transfer. Hubby and I definitely felt this to be surreal. In the next 24 hours, I became strong enough to leave the hospital. My RE felt resting at home would be better than the hospital, so she discharged me. Thursday morning, we anxiously awaited for the phone call from my RE. She said the embryo was a viable one and that I should come in for transfer. After all we had been through, we had 1 embryo to place back. Hubby and I started calling the embryo, our miracle embryo. Although it’s only a 10% chance for success, we’ll take it for now.

Since last week, hubby and I have only just begun to process what happened and what lies ahead for us. I can only focus on getting stronger, getting my endurance back and hubby focuses on taking care of me and then work. We plan to speak to the RE about what happened. We just want to make it past these 2 weeks.

Please keep us in your thoughts and well wishes. It has been 1 crazy week.


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