My Infertility Journey

I want to start by introducing myself to you. My name is Lisa and I have been diagnosed as being “infertile” for 1.5 years now (I am now 38 years old). After trying to conceive naturally for more than 1 year, my husband and I were urged by my gynecologist (whom I’ve gone to for years) to see a Reproductive Endocrinologist (RE). Since that first visit to the RE, we have been through 5 failed IUI’s and IVF has been recommended to us as our next step. When we first started our journey with our first IUI cycle, I wasn’t prepared for all that was about to come as a result of going through these treatments. The ups and downs, emotionally as well as physically what the treatments do to your body. After the last IUI cycle, I got so depressed, I really felt like I was going crazy. And I felt all alone to boot.

Today, I look back thinking how nice it would have been to have some background knowledge on what to prepare myself and my husband for. This is why I write this. So if you’re contemplating infertility treatment, you can read this and have a better sense of what to expect before and while undergoing treatment. Of course, this is all based on my own experiences and the issues and concerns I had to personally deal with and you will have your own experience. I still in retrospect had wished I had a better sense of what was coming. How I should have looked into joining a support group, or had a better list of questions to ask while talking to my insurance company. How I found out was through trial and error. It would have been nice if I had a big sister to help me through or at least give me a heads up on issues I could possibly be dealing with. I think you never truly know unless you go through the experience yourself or have an in depth conversation with someone who has.

Perhaps you have been trying to conceive naturally for years or suddenly you are at the age of wanting your children and realize the clock is ticking….and LOUDLY! It wakes you up out of your sleep! Whatever your situation, before starting any form of treatment, you should read through the articles on this site. Whatever your path will be, always RESEARCH and ask all the questions you have before going through with anything! I hope you will find some of the information useful and wish you luck in your journey.


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