IVF Cycle #1 continued

Day 13: Bloods, Ultrasound w. Dr. G. Results: Right ovary w. 1 good follicle 18.6mm, Left ovary w. 4 follicles still > 10mm. Retrieval in 2-3 days. Monitoring going well. Continue Gonal f 300 IU, Menopur 150 IU, Cetrotide x 1 cartridge. Injections to RLQ abdomen.

Day 14: Bloods, Ultrasound w. Dr. K. Results: Inject 10,000 units of HcG in my Right buttock! I stop all other meds.

Day 15: Pre-op visit at the center to sign IVF retrieval consents, do blood work and ultrasound before retrieval the next day. I go home and call the Admitting office at the hospital to confirm insurance info and realize the hospital fee is not covered. I cough up $1000.

Day 16: IVF Retrieval day finally here! I haven’t eaten since midnight last night; I arrive at my given time with hubby. Check-in, change and undress into hospital garb. Hubby goes to deliver his fresh sperm sample. My vital signs were taken first, then IV placement and waiting for about 1 hour. I am asked to empty my bladder before walking into the OR suite. I meet the IVF team and the doctors. Before I could even think about what was about to happen, the Anesthesiologist introduces herself and the ceiling starts to get blurry. I wake up in the Recovery room and my nurse is having me swallow some Extra Strength Tylenol, 975 mg to be exact for pain. I regain some more clarity and see my husband there next to my bed. I am given my discharge instructions, have some crackers, juice, get dressed and go. Today, I start a 4 day course of Medrol 16mg and Azithromycin (2 pills). Tomorrow, we are to receive a phone call with our retrieval results!

Day 17: From the retrieval, 8 follicles were removed, 1 immature, 1 did not fertilize and 6 FERTILIZED without ICSI! Woo hoo! What a sigh of relief. There ARE good quality eggs left within me after all! Needless to say, hubby and I were very happy with our news. Progesterone shots start tonight x 2 weeks. Transfer day is 3 days after retrieval. I hope they make it! I hope they make it! I hope they make it!

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