IVF Transfer Day

IVF Transfer day apparently is not as a big to do as IVF Retrieval. There’s no “No Eating after midnight”, or need for admission to the hospital. No twilight sleep, not even a pain killer necessary. This was a relief for me because the retrieval process was definitely more intense although un -eventful, the IVF retrieval did pose some anxiety for me.


So on the morning of my IVF transfer, I head into a session of acupuncture with my acupuncturist, Dr. Hsu. He’s been absolutely wonderful treating me with acupuncture and herbs for the past year. He said more importantly is receiving acupuncture prior to the transfer. At this session however, instead of the usual needle points, he used points on my feet, lower extremities and inner wrists. The best part of this was receiving almost 50 minutes of treatment. I felt so relaxed by the time I arrived at the center, I was really wanting sleep.


So after about an hour of waiting, I get called into the same waiting area just outside the OR to sit. Instead of emptying my bladder like last time, the doctors ask that I have a full bladder! Can you imagine trying to balance drinking and running to the bathroom??! Since I didn’t know the exact time I was going in, I decided to sip on water and go to the bathroom, only to empty half of my bladder! Can you imagine my distress? I have one of those bladders where I don’t know I have to go until I really have to go!

ANYWAYS, I walk myself into the OR suite again and meet the team. After being positioned on the table on my back, with legs in stirrup position, the assisting doctor shows me the lining through ultrasound on my lower abdomen. As the table tilts my head back lower than my knees, the doctor explains how he will do a mock transfer first as a test, then transfer my 3 embryos. Yeah!!!! So I watch this on the computer monitor, the room is quite dark except for the spotlight, on me of course. I watch as the 3 little embryos jumped onto the uterine lining. That was quite something to watch. In my mind, I am rooting for them,”go little guys go.”Overall, the procedure was no more than 15 minutes and quite painless. They push me into the recovery room where I lay down for another 25 minutes. I show my husband the photo of our 3 little embryos. “C’mon little ones, stay with me.”

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