Knock Knock, who’s there? It’s IVF arrival

As it should turn out, will have a new blog title called ‘what to know before IUI AND (now) IVF.’ It is now August 6, 2012 and unfortunately, our test negatives have not turned positive on our own. So as decided, our cycle hiatus is over and new cycle begins. This time around, it won’t be IUI, it will be IVF. How scary just to say the letters! In any case, it is what it is and hubby and I feel ready since breaking after our last failed IUI cycle in March 2012. (sometimes you just don’t want to think about these things! Do ya know what I mean?!)


I did receive my box of “goodies” I call it, last week. Upon opening the box of medications, I did feel slightly overwhelmed. After having gone through IUI, I almost wished I only had to go through IUI again. That seemed less complicated. I had one injectable medication and some suppositories for 2 weeks after IUI. Those were the easier days indeed. Remember the post ‘the unexpected happens, ya know’?, well my IVF process has started not without some minor issue. My pharmacy has actually not delivered the correct size needles for me. I have spoken to the pharmacy 3 separate occasions in 2.5 weeks and still no needles. I decided to call the IVF nurse at the center to see if she could get any further to expedite the arrival of my needles!


So our IVF process started. I began wearing my Climara patch over the weekend and will change it every 2 days until day 2 of my next cycle begins. Baby stork, you are comin to our house very soon! Stay tuned.

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