Learning From Our IVF Cycle

I finally summoned the courage and mental focus to speak with my RE to see what was learned from our IVF cycle. It’s been a little over a month since our negative pregnancy test (beta) and I decided I was ready to think about moving forward. Immediately after receiving our negative test results, hubby and I wrote down a list of questions to ask the RE:

  • Is there anything we should do differently going forward?
  • What is the lack of pregnancy related to? Is it age?
  • What about embryo quality?
  • Was there anything to report from the luteal phase monitoring?
  • Was the uterine lining an issue?
  • What about egg quality?

My RE was pleased with this cycle for someone my age and hormonal levels. I knew she would recommend another IVF cycle for us and this is what she said:

  • She was pleased with the follicle count and number of healthy embryos going into transfer
  • Embryo quality and uterine lining both good
  • Semen sample was very good, ICSI not necessary
  • Luteal phase blood work showed slightly low estrogen levels

She explained since none of the embryos implanted (we transferred 3), the reason is most likely due to egg quality; and something must have been faulty genetically. She was encouraging though, stating despite my low ovarian reserve; that in itself does not mean there aren’t any good quality eggs. Moving into the 2nd IVF cycle, she would make the following changes and recommendations:

  • Add Clomid to stimulate my own FSH to find better quality eggs
  • Add assisted hatching due to the thicker egg shell
  • Add Estrogen patch 2 days post transfer

She also reminded me that time is not on the side of aging women in general (not just me) and that I shouldn’t wait till the new year to start the 2nd cycle. DARN ovarian reserve!!!

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