My IVF Cycle #1 Meds

Here’s a list of the medications I will have to inject and take orally in my IVF cycle. My first feeling was “Yikes!!!” but after carefully reviewing all the contents, I started to calm down. It can be quite overwhelming at first glance. Always cross-check what you receive with what you were told to expect by your center provider, not to mention the dosages and number of syringes and needles. Needles should be proper guage and length for your body size. For example, I have a smaller stature so I don’t have much body fat. I requested a 22G 1 inch needle instead of the 1.5” for the intramuscular injections. This made it easier for my husband to inject with who is not an experienced injector. You can speak to your center nurse if this is an option for you.

· Climara patch – 4 patches

· Menopur – 25 vials, 75 IU each

· Cetrotide 0.25mg – 6 kits

· Gonal-f 900 IU – 6 pens

· Chorionic gonadotropin 10,000 USP units – vial

· Methylprednisolone 16mg – 4 tabs

· Azithromycin 250mg – 6 tabs

· Progesterone oil 50mg/ml – 2 vials



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