Infertility Support

Before going into infertility treatment, I really hadn’t thought about the emotional aspects of the process. I thought to myself I would probably have the roller coaster ride of hormonal craziness you hear stories about, but really, I had no clue of what was yet to come. Personally coming from a medical background, on some level, I thought it couldn’t be that hard. I am a strong, independent woman. I am tough and feel pretty confident about life this far, this was just another hurdle to tackle and get through. Believe me when I say, I couldn’t have been more wrong. Support during infertility treatment is a MUST.

If you are planning on going through any infertility treatments, make sure you have some strong support systems by your side. They will help you to get through the highs and lows you will go through. Even if you regard yourself as a strong and tough girl, there is nothing like having a shoulder to lean or cry on when you’re feeling very blue. The hormones you will be given can take you through a period of ups and downs. Whether a husband, a boyfriend, a partner, or a best friend, having one around will make a huge difference. When I went through treatment, I saw girlfriends who came in together because they were both going through infertility treatment. I thought how comforting that must be to have a girlfriend who is experiencing the same process. They could share in their thoughts and reactions all the while offering each other strong support. If you find you don’t have someone in your life who can be that support for you, inquire at the treatment center or your Reproductive Endocrinologist for a support group or private therapist. When you are going through a challenging experience, it helps to feel you are not alone. Many times, I this was how I felt. And I have a husband mind you! The group or therapist can help you to feel grounded, that you’re not alone and you will get through it. You will get through it!

Other outlets that I also found helpful were online forums and blogs about infertility. Another tip, the infertility pharmacies you will order your medications from sometimes offer great tips for couples and individuals going through treatment. I’ve listed below some resources I found to be quite helpful with information.

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