The 2 Week Wait after IVF Transfer

So now I am in what is called the 2 week wait, after my IVF transfer. Since the IVF retrieval, I have been quite sore in my lower abdomen that I have been taking acetaminophen 750mg (Extra Strength Tylenol) throughout the day. Not only does my lower abdomen hurt, it is bloated as well. One would think I was pregnant now! I have read what causes this discomfort and bloating post retrieval is, the multiple follicles that were there in the ovaries, are now empty spaces. These empty spaces fill up with fluid again, contributing to the pain and swelling.


In this 2 week wait period, I have also started Progesterone shots in my backside. These don’t hurt when I am getting them, however, my backside hurts pretty bad the next day after. My hubby rotates the injection sites but I feel so sore that it hurts to even walk. You really want to do nothing after the retrieval/ transfer process except find a good position to relax in! And even this is challenging!


My dear hubby has been doing a good job playing the role of nurse, I must say. He has been really active every night when it is time to give me the injection. In previous IUI cycles, I was the one to give myself the injections but I decided because in IVF, there are so many injections to administer, I decided to have hubby give most of them! I think psychologically, this is kinder on me. There’s one thing about giving injections to someone else, but I find it harder to give injections to yourself. But that’s just me. If you can, I would definitely recommend having someone else give the injections to you. Hubby has prepared and administered 90% of all the subcutaneous as well as intramuscular injections this IVF cycle. Honey, you’re amazing. As far as the Progesterone shots go, I am receiving 1cc of Progesterone in Sesame oil. Now I have to wait 2 weeks before the blood HCG test. Wish us luck. We are seriously hoping for some baby dust.

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